Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Girly stuff

I wake up to my husband complaining about all the "girly stuff" on my bathroom counter. I told him I needed it all to get ready in the morning. You can't possibly need all that stuff. OK I get it, guys are different...they need soap,(also used as shampoo-yucko), toothpaste and deoderant,(if they wear it). Boom, out the door.

Not so with women. I once heard we put 30+ chemicals (I think it was higher, but I didn't have time to research)each day on our bodies. So I kept track this morning.
In the shower: Soap, shampoo,face wash, shaving cream (I'm out, so I used body wash),sugar scrub for the heels,done).Now to the sink: toothpaste, 1006 ( skin cleanser, awesome stuff, I've been using it for the last 43 years), eye makeup remover, face lotion, bronzer (now you know my secret, I didn't get to go to Florida for spring break), soap to wash the bronzer off my hands, under eye cover, foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara.

Now for the hair: gel, before I dry, poufy stuff when dry, spray to set it ( side note- lice are repelled by hair "products" one of my occupational potential hazards, want to be protected!). Last but not least deoderant. Oh, I forgot body lotion, "Say Yes to Carrots" my choice this morning- Amazing stuff my friend gave me for Christmas- rubbing veggies on your skin has got to be good, right?

Wow. That's let's see....21. Have you read the labels on this stuff??? There may be closer to 100 chemicals in all of those products. And I consider myself pretty low maintenance, I can be out the door in 20 minutes if I have to. And have on occasion when my husband and I are sharing a car and the subfinder calls at 6 a.m. and we have to leave by 6:30. The other 10 minutes are walking the dog and grabbing a breakfast and lunch!

So what is your routine? How many chemicals are you exposing yourself to? Is there a better way? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. In the a.m. it is shampoo, conditioner, body wash and every other day shave cream. My face is blessed with only organic things..i do a face scrub, moisturizer, toner in the a.m. and the evening face wash, toner, cream to lightner the dark spots (i know age spots), these strips that make my wrinkles go away on my forehead...they are great...i am sure packing tape would do the same as they smell just like it...but again all organic. then my make up...base is organic...but blush and mascara are not. eyeliner is. but i have found that the cost is the face scrub last a LONG time...even molly uses...a little dab will do you. and my rare trips for facials have seen great improvements. I knew my daughters were in trouble when there face wash was "fading" their washclothes! okay that is Molly is on my face wash...megs is old enough to seek the right stuff. but soon will be on it too. So i didn't count, dawn, you can. I have to go meet molly and WORKOUT! geez where did my day go??? it is 2:30 I may be working out at 830 tonight..but i will get it in!



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