Friday, July 31, 2009

The Crafting Continues

Got a wonderful surprise call from a dear friend (with whom I used to craft)after she read my blog yesterday. What fun sharing ideas, and catching up on our lives- like we have never been apart. Yesterday, I also had ice tea at McAllister's with another friend I hadn't seen in months,what a blessing! God blessed me richly yesterday with golden friends.

So the mess continues. My husband just gave up yesterday and hid in our bedroom upstairs (we have a nice TV and comfy day bed in our room!) This picture was what started it all. Aren't the girls precious? They met as friends when my daughter attended Toledo for one semester and have kept in touch. One of their past times is crafting , so they made this when they visited together a few weeks ago. As soon as I overcome the technical camera difficulties, I will post more pics of our inventory.

Kit and I are heading to a B&B in Springfield , IL this afternoon, for a little getaway prior to school starting. I have workshops all next week, so this is my last hurrah. We will do the history thing with Lincoln's birthplace, library, etc. No crafting, no blogging, for a few days anyway. Be back Monday! Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Original Crafting

My daughters and I are in a craft show in November. So while we have time now, we are busily crafting away at our kitchen table, much to my husband's chagrin. His expectation is that as soon as you are done with something, you put it away. Do you know how long that would take? And then we'd have to drag it all out again., organize it so that we would know exactly where it is again, and that would totally interrupt the creative flow. He just doesn't get it. I, on the other hand, am oblivious to the chaotic mess, as the colors, papers, stickers and paints blend into a wonderful jumble of yet to be discovered ideas for treasures to be crafted into something unique to sell. And eating on TV trays isn't the end of the world.

Anyway, it is a great bonding experience for the girls and me, my youngest's best friend has also been creating with us. Some items are so cute that my daughter is not sure she wants to part with them! Her friend encourages her by telling her to make a duplicate. But each is original,(we are trying to utilize materials we have, not spending any additional money when possible), just as we are each unique, individuals made by our Creator. No matter how hard we try to emulate, or be like someone else in the way we talk, act, or dress, there will be no one exactly like us. Nor should there be.

When my kids were little, I used to tell them, God made you exactly the way you are. So we will continue to make individual items, knowing that no two will be exactly alike.

What makes you unique? Do you see it as a blessing? Or has it caused you to question yourself at times?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back again!

Hello, anyone still out there? I can't believe how quickly this past month has gone. I was busy teaching summer school (ended today),and tutoring, which will still continue through next week, but only two hours a day instead of 7:45-11:45, and then 12-2! I've also dealt with wisdom teeth, physical therapy for my rib/back/spine?, thyroid biopsy(still waiting on results),various Dr. appt.,and a move!

I worked diligently on a movie for the last day of summer school, checked and rechecked that it would play on the big screen, complete with sound, and it worked perfectly. Until we tried to play it today and the screen goes blank. Nothing. Called up the techie teachers and they couldn't figure it out either. So we readjusted (isn't that what all good teachers do? ) and moved it to the computer lab. And stalled bus call by 15 minutes. Other than a few disgruntled bus drivers, all went well. It was a nice ending to a successful program, topped off with donated HagenDas ice cream from Krogers!Thank you Tom Ruemler!

My daughter and her dad rented a Uhaul and moved home the rest of her stuff (big furniture items) from her rental in Indianapolis. So now we have a garage full of extra furniture that we have to store until she moves out again.She continues to seek a teaching job for the fall.Kind of nice having some chicks back in the nest.

My youngest had her wisdom teeth out a week and a half ago.So she lived here for the last week. They still hurt. She ended up with dry socket (VERY painful-I've had one), then an infection. Somehow(as my mother-in-law says) we always get whatever is in the lowest percentage of happening. Kristy kept saying, all my friends said...and she fit none of it. Happy to say she no longer looks like a chipmunk, however is still in a little pain. Perhaps it would have been wiser to leave them in??? Almost everyone has a wisdom tooth story. What's yours?

So hopefully I will be back in the habit of blogging. I have missed it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Torch Lake

I am sitting in The Muffin Tin eating a yummy carrot raisin muffin looking at beautiful(the world's 4th most) Torch Lake in Alden, Michigan. My happy place. Well, not this cute shop, but being Up North on a lake. Our family has vacationed in this area for over 20 years, and it has never lost its appeal.We started vacationing here when our 27 year old was 4, and our middle child was 8 months. Our youngest has been here since being in utero!

This is the first time I have ever blogged from a laptop- makes me feel official or something-ha!Sitting here using wireless...

Well,we are off to explore for the day, hopefully a boat ride later in the day and a mini family reunion on my husband's side starting tonight. Life is good.


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