Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I've been anxiously waiting to remove the "almost" from the top of my blog info. As of midnight tonight, my dear sweet "Norman", known to the world as Kit, and I will be married 30 years. Amazing. Where has the time gone? It seems we were just dating back in the 70's. As we parted to go to our respective hometowns after college graduation, I distinctly remember him saying, "I'll give you a ring." His grandmother (who adored me), said, "When??", eagerly anticipating the engagement rock that was to be put on my finger. However, I knew it just meant a phone call, and so it was that we dated long distance for the next three years, until he finally "gave me a ring", ironically, using the diamond that had been in his grandmother's engagement ring. I lovingly wear that ring today and am thankful to have such cherished memories.
I don't have time right now to get all romantic and mushy, as I have to run to my daughter's softball game, but I do want to say Happy Anniversary Hop ,I pray for at least 30 more, and I love you more!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fireworks in June

Ohhh. I am speechless. I know you find that hard to believe, but last night (this morning) I was. We had a terrible thunderstorm- even our dog was barking at the thunder that was shaking our house. But the rain passed (torrential downpour I might add!-of course-my husband put down weed killer on the lawn and that is a sure sign it will rain as it is supposed to stay dry for 24 hours), the stars came out and there were snow white puffy clouds on the horizon above my neighbors' houses. And the show began.
It was an electrical symphony of lightening bolts. I have never seen anything like it. If it hadn't been three in the morning, I may have had the sense to get out my camera. But I was mesmerized and couldn't even pull myself away to get my husband up to view this spectacular phenomenon. WOW. I could picture God looking down from above, conducting and orchestrated this heavenly concert. I hope the view was the same from the top for all our beloved ones who have seen the throne of our Lord.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's pirate speak for frustration. I can't believe that a week has slipped by without me blogging. I compose in my head all the time, yet my days have been crazy with Dr. appts., getting ready for summer school, enjoying my girls (playing Mad Gab- awesome , hysterical game), and clutter busting. All successful I might add. But I am hustling off already to the "First day of training" for our not summer school, summer school program- I'm a participant today, my turn to train comes Thurs. and Friday. I'm very excited and honored that God has placed me in this position. Fulfilling a desire I have had a long time. Thanks!
So off I run more later...catch you later...have an incredible day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trust and Garage sale-ing

I've been on a quest for a big pot since May. My beautiful $5 Kroger hibiscus had outgrown its second home and its roots were poking through the soil. I needed at least a 5 incher- preferably 17. Has anyone priced pots lately? That size starts at $25. Definitely not in the Dave Ramsey budget. So I figured someone somewhere had to be getting rid of a pot that size. My goal was under $5 as that is all I paid for the plant in the first place.

So off to a neighborhood garage sale. What a lesson. We have too much junk in our world and then we try to sell it to someone else. I think baskets have babies in the middle of the night when no one is looking. And vases. Every sale had both. I went to one that looked like a department store. Wonderful displays, aisles to walk through and it was stocked! I complimented the older gentleman and he said its he and his wife's hobby- it took them three months to get ready.Imagine. Three months to get ready to sell stuff you don't need. Glad he's retired.

Another garage looked like a living room. The walls were a beautiful country red, stenciled with ivy, white shelves with assorted country knick-knacks. I ended up knowing the charming people that lived there and she told me that all the items on display in her garage had been gifts to her and she didn't want to give them away, yet had no room (or decor-theme) to put them in her home. What a great idea! I was doubly blessed by her as when I was leaving, I told her I was on a quest for a large pot. She said she had one in her basement- ran and got it and it was perfect!She wouldn't allow me to pay her for it, so I stayed within budget -yea!! I learned the lesson of patience once again. God will and does provide all I need (or want) in His timing- in a much bigger way usually! The pot was 17". I needed to wait...and trust...and be patient in the small things which is sometimes harder than the big things. I can't make a job happen for my husband, but I could have gone and bought the $25 pot. I'm glad I didn't so I could once again see God's faithfulness in action. I will continue to trust and wait for his plan for our finances.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Clutter Busting

I love summer. Sleeping til I wake up with no alarm, sitting with a cup of my favorite tea ( Constant Comment), in a special mug ( today, one from my sister from Starbucks), and playing endless games of Uno with my neighbor ( she continually beats me!).I am enjoying each unscheduled minute because June 24, I start teaching summer school- and my vacation is over!!!

My two precious blond haired 6 year old neighbors greeted me as I came home the other day. I could tell that they wanted to ask me something- you know by the coy looks and hesitant body language, so I asked them what was up. "Could you please get the raft in your back yard?" As the one boy has a pool next door, I thought maybe it had come over the fence, so I asked, "What raft?" "Your raft in the yard," he answered somewhat impatiently. I told him I don't have a raft. He said, "Yes you do, the one that swings." The light bulb went on and I started laughing as I said,"You mean the hammock!" Their faces lit up as they ran around the house to find my husband to put the "raft" up.

So I am doing fun things- going to visit my sister for a day, watching movies with my family, doing my nails with my daughter,sitting at my neighbor's pool, and clutter busting. My husband would call it getting rid of stuff I don't need, but I think clutter busting sounds like you are doing a lot more sophisticated work! The book that inspired me is called Clutter Busting Letting Go of What is Holding You Back by Brooks Palmer. Amazing book. I read it in two days and love the concepts. It refers to every area of your life from stuff, to emails to relationships. An easy read, not biblical, but definitely worth your time. I have a difficult time letting go of things (to say the least!)yet the way he explains how and why makes it so much easier. If you have any trepidation about uncluttering your life, this book would definitely help.

So I am off to bust some more clutter this morning. What do you need to clear out of your life? God is working on a bunch in me right now. How about you?


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