Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You never know

Life is incredibly precious. When I got news yesterday that a colleague of mine had collapsed and been rushed to the hospital by ambulance, had been revived with no brain activity, and they were waiting for her family to arrive to take her off life support, I was shaken to the bone. She's only a few years older than me. I had just sat next to her through a three hour training last Wednesday. We whispered and wrote notes, planning for another meeting. I just emailed her yesterday. I'm supposed to see her at a meeting on Wednesday, and another training in April.

We never know when our last conversation will be with someone, our last time to see them, our last opportunity to share our faith with them. Makes me look at my daily activities in a whole new way. What were my last words to my husband, kids, friends, co-workers. Would that be what I want them to remember?

Only God knows how this will all turn out, but there was a prayer vigil for her yesterday at the hospital, and the latest word I got this afternoon was that things were looking better, not worse. I do believe in miracles, and maybe this is one that I will be allowed to witness. God does hear prayers, please add Beckie and her family to your list. Whatever the outcome, whether Beckie will be in the Lord's hand soon, or allowed to remain here for a while longer, I hope she will remember that our last words together were encouraging.

Who do you need to talk with, encourage, make amends? Do you have a Beckie? I know I need to get on the phone tonight.You never know.


  1. Thank you for making me stop and think. Many times we take our family and friends for granted. Not in a bad way but an I'm busy way...we need to stop and give love to all around us. I will pray for your friend Beckie.

  2. Dawnbird, What a thing to happen, it really is true, you don't know. I will pray for Beckie and her family. Being as you are my sister, I KNOW that the thing she will remember is how wonderful and caring and giving you are, those are the things people take away when they encounter you. That and your amazing faith in God and the willingness to share it. Your life is a witness to the world and I am blessed that you are my sister. I love you.



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