Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Back! Hunting for Dish Towels

Not sure for how long, but I had an overwhelming urge to vent and this seems to be as good a place as any.After 31 years of marriage, our dish towels are in a sad state of affairs. If they are not stained or discolored, they are shredding at the sides. So the hunt for new dish towels is on. My kitchen is a very neutral navy blue, with splashes of red, I guess, in the wall paper border. So I assumed I would happily trot to the store and buy navy towels, or at least some shade of blue. (Red bleeds too much and you have to do a separate load).
Not so fast. After going to 4 stores, I became aware that the colors of the hour are orange, green, brown and yellow. Yuck. Throw backs to my childhood. I would have kept my mother's towels if I wanted those colors. I think it is a conspiracy to have you change your color scheme. I like my navy and red. I could go with white- but that would would be boring and the only size they had at ANY store were "bar towels". When did that come in vogue? I suppose sometime in the last 31 years when I was using my shredded towels. I even asked my friends where to get towels. I went to all the suggested stores and all I can figure is that they have the "in" color scheme.
So if anyone happens to come across any blue or navy cute towels, let me know where to find them. Or I have to keep using my shredded, stained ones for 31 more years.


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