Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Green

There is so much talk these days about "going green". What's funny is that all the stuff I was use to doing anyway is now in vogue. Go figure. For once I was just ahead of the times I guess.

I've shopped at Goodwill forever.I cut the ends off of toothpaste tubes. I refill water bottles.I recycle. I gladly take my friend's castoffs when they are remodeling, redecorating, etc. In fact, most of my house is other people's stuff! (Thank you dear friends for all your donations). So hopefully my frugleness (sp?)is helping to save the planet, as well as my budget.

So what do you do to be green? I'm always looking for more suggestions. Especially now when green cash is a little tight at our house.I recently read a blog where a family made the commitment to not buy anything new (other than food...) for an entire year. Yes, she has younger kids which may be easier to find used clothes or gifts for, but it is an interesting concept. Perhaps I could try it for a month? There's not much fluff in our envelope system right now, so I haven't been buying much anyway. I can start today.

Anyone have a dress I can borrow for a wedding I have to go to in May?

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  1. Don't have a dress...but I watched a show this a.m. that "boasted" about the "Methods" brand that is very 'green'. I think Target sells it. I use white vinegar for laundry softner. But you sound like the Diva of Green! I need your advice! love you my green eyed wonder..(i think you have blue eyes) but with you desiring to 'be green' I see GREEN everything! enjoy the day that the Lord has given us..and let us take care of it! love you!



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