Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Blogging. I haven't been doing this very long, but I do enjoy it. I am branching out and reading others blogs also, and I came to a startling revelation.

I'm old.

Now I don't want to think that I am old, but the truth of the matter is MOST of the blogs I am interested in and visiting are by much younger women. Who have their lives all put together. Have amazing husbands, beautiful children, Martha Stewart homes, and must spend literally hours each day putting stuff on their blogsites. Now I truly enjoy reading all the cool sites that have links to everywhere, and contests, and freebie giveaways, etc, but if I recall correctly when I had three kids at home, and NO computer, I still didn't have two minutes to myself.I want to know their secret.

So I am putting a plea out there for all you over 50 (or close) women that do blog- perhaps I'm in the wrong circle of bloggers...Where are you??? Those that can relate to the weeble wobbles that have appeared where my upper arms used to be, that have "fur" on the side of your face (that came out of nowhere- I didn't realize I had it until my youngest strokes my cheek in Jazzercise class tonight and points it out to me, and everyone else within hearing distance). And the waking up in the middle of the night (not for a crying child, but because somehow in the middle of the night, the heat got turned up.)I'm kind of over the gray hair thing as I started to turn in my teens and am now snow white- I only have to worry about using purple shampoo so my hair doesn't turn green or yellow like you see on old (er) people who DON'T use purple shampoo.

Anyway, all in all today was a good day- Fed and State taxes done, filed, paid (ouch!!) Just have to finish up the Canadian ones. Were you in the red or black this year? Or is it not politically correct to ask? I'm going with my friend's adage, I'm over 50, I can be old and bold. Maybe I'll even find some bloggers that are older than me. You never know.

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  1. you've got me babe...50 and fun ! fuzz...oh please my mom didn't tell me about that! i am trying to figure out para menopause! help! i just ask myself...God knows! He is going to see me through this!



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