Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Cardinals are back.

This morning on the way to work in my “prayer canopy” ( the last stretch before school that is covered with trees where I turn off the radio and pray for the day), I saw a cardinal. This has always been a reassurance from God that He is in control and cares about what happens to me- I thanked him for that sign, and then saw another one right before I left the canopy! God is so amazing- encouraging us daily. Who can I encourage today? Who’s cardinal can I be?

I wrote this sometime last spring-but it continues to happen. Yesterday there were two HUGE cardinals flying back and forth in front of our house. I watched them soar from tree branch to tree top and circle around, and then repeat the pattern. Then walking the dog in the park, I saw more cardinals. They are out in full force. I guess God knows that I need that double, triple reassurance that He is there with me. Us. My husband's job situation and our finances.Our car situation. My kids and their individual needs. My students- oh my. My step-dad's health situation. My friends' burdens. A young widower with two young babies whose wife died in childbirth. I know God has already worked out all the answers to all these life-ings, in His timing, not mine. But my heart becomes heavy at times, particularly for others and their needs.

So I appreciate the cardinals and look for them each day.

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