Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random thoughts

Why do people water their lawns, to make them grow, so they have to cut them more often? I figure God has a plan for how much rain he wants my lawn to have, so far be it from me to spend money and time watering grass that will only make more work for me if it grows faster. Besides, I am always secretly pleased when after the fall rains, my grass is just as green as those that have been tenderly cared for with sprinklers all throughout the long, hot , dry, summer. I hope my grass decides to perform again this fall. Watch, it would be my luck that this year it totally gives up and in the spring we will have nothing but dirt and weeds in our yard. My daughter did comment on the fact that we have cabbages growing in our front yard. Upon closer inspection, they are actually violets, but far be it from me to be giving horticulture lessons. I'm the one with the green weeds and straw for grass.

Butterflies- have you noticed the plethora of them this year? I feel bad every time one crashes into my windshield as I am driving. It's not like you can avoid them as they flutter up and over , then take a dive right into your grill. They also seem to be all over the yard and trees. What a beautiful sight.

Smoking deals... I was looking for new jeans at Kohls (my old ones, actually new last January, are TWO sizes too big, so I needed new ones- by product of having high blood pressure that my Dr. wanted to treat without medicines, thus the pound a week weight loss regimen since the first of June.) Anyway, I had a $20 bonus credit from my daughter, and a $5 credit for her signing up for email. Then I asked if there was a coupon for using a charge, and got another 15% off. So I was able to get 2 pairs of jeans ( in my new size!!) for $9.58, which I promptly paid off as we are on the Dave Ramsey no credit card program. They had originally been $36 and $49, so as my step mom says, I made out like a bandit. And I am happy to say, my blood pressure has been back to normal. Lower than normal actually. Much lower. Think she'll tell me to start gaining a pound a week? Oh I can only dream...

Where does all the poundage that one sheds go? I have visions of fat cells floating all over the universe, leaving one body and finding another one to latch onto. You know all the people that say they LOST weight? I talk to just as many that say they have GAINED weight. So there must just be this constant exchange of phantom fat cells that randomly move from body to body. That must be why runners don't have the fat cells attaching themselves to them- they are in a constant state of motion and fat cells must be slow. That really is random. I need to go have some chocolate. And some sleep.


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