Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I need to accept the facts

OK. For years now I have been referring to the dog in our house as my daughter's dog. She's the one who begged for it, promised to take care of it, etc. We got the dog when she was a junior (in Dec.) in high school. Year and a half later she goes off to college. For four years, working in Michigan for the summers. So guess who gets to take care of the dog? Her sister, my husband and I. Three years later her sister goes to college in Ohio, my husband takes a job in Canada for eight months, and I am left with the dog. Just me and the dog. And I don't even like dogs.

Somehow , by default, I have become this dog's caretaker. I feed her, walk her and clean the gunk out of her ears. (Triple yucko). She waits for ME to take her out, even when there are now other people in the house. I keep reminding myself that someday, Kelly will get a job and be able to take the dog to live with her. No more black hairs all over the house! No more underwear and socks in the middle of the living room! No more growling when my husband (or anyone) wants to hug me- (she's very protective).

We were discussing this at dinner tonight. I mentioned that I really may have to come to the realization and accept the fact that I now have a dog. Kelly may not want to (or be able to) take her with her, and despite the fact that I'm not really attached to her, the dog's attached to me. It may break her heart to not have the park to run in, the squirrels and birds to chase, the neighbor kids to love on her.
The college grad student that lives with us had the astute awareness to say, " I'd only been here two weeks when I realized that Abbie may be Kelly's dog, but YOU are her human." Great.

So now I am an animal's human. I'm still working on accepting that fact.


  1. It sounds to be you might be in denial... my husband claims to hate our dog too..but he's always sneaking treats to you.. It sounds like love to me...
    Happy Easter!

  2. we have a dog, that is supposedly the girls, and supposedly brian did not want...but the truth be told the dog is who ever hears her bark at the door and has the energy to let her out. MY husband gives her treats every time he comes home (from anywhere! even doing yard work!) and so i have learned to break the treats in 1/2 (the last longer). I have learn that does not help...he just gives her more ("they are too small, betsy, Ruthie needs more). So be it...the dog has a true "dogs life" at our house!

  3. Scott is constantly saying "I never wanted the dogs" this is usually when the dogs have barfed or something and he will not clean it up. He doesn't want to walk, clean, feed, take care of,or clean up after the dogs. That being said, he loves these critters and will cry buckets when they go to doggie heaven. Having a dog is a great thing for a kid, it really is. Scott say we won't get any more dogs after these dogs "go". I think we probably will. We are a dog family now. At least we are not a cat family. We are so allergic to cats, we would die of an asthma attack in one day. And cats are too uppity.

  4. Love you guys! Thanks for all the response. Happy Easter back, Kelly!



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