Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photo Friday

OK , so I am a few days late. I did take the photo on Friday and have been thinking and talking about it.
In southern Indiana, we have a beautiful tree called Redbud. Now the buds are actually purple, but they are outstanding against the spring green of the trees and bushes that are popping out. You know spring has arrived when you see the Redbuds. This year is the first time in 13 years that I have actually gone up close to a Redbud and looked at the individual flowers that make the beautiful color and backdrop against the rest of the trees. AMAZING!! Each individual "bud" looks like a miniature orchid!! Thousands of them on each tree.It is mind boggling to me to realize that if God m,akes that tiny,tiny bud so beautiful, for such a minuscule amount of time ( they soon, fade and leaves sprout green), how intricately he has woven each of us into this world for His purpose for us. And how incredibly beautiful each and every one of us has been created. So thank you Lord, for the Redbuds. And for each of us in our individuality.

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  1. Beautiful.. God is the ultimate artist!




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