Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm always looking/thinking about what to blog about. So this morning I read on someone else's blog (I'm spending waaaay too much time reading others, but it is fun!) to choose the 6th folder from your pictures, and choose the 6th picture in that folder and write a blog about it.So here goes.
It is a picture of my youngest daughter, and her long time friend, now roommate, Maggie on the day of their high school graduation. Maggie's dad is in the background right between their heads. Randy. What a sweet man. I dearly love Maggie (and my daughter of course). It is so fitting that this is a picture of them because they are now roommates in a house close to campus, and they periodically read my blog and have a good laugh. Wait til they see this one!
Anyway, I have fond memories of these two being friends since the 2nd grade when we moved to Bloomington. They have stuck by each other through thick and thin, ups and downs, puberty, and now college life. We all need friends like that. They have so many inside jokes, and I know that I am at the heart of a lot of them. For some reason they find me and my antics funny. Anyway, before I get too sentimental, I will be looking forward to seeing them in the same pose at the same place dressed in red and white for their college graduation in a very short two years.

Everyone needs a Maggie. Who is yours?

So I challenge you to the 3rd folder, 3rd picture. What's in your wallet?

And I am so excited, I figured out how to add a picture!! This will open up a whole new world!!!


  1. i still get my picture work done by Cindy Newland! she does my pics...but she is cutting the cord and i have to learn! hmmm i will take on your challenge and see what i find! fun! by the way meg's finished her internship!!!!! she is done! wow! yeah! Praise God! love your blog dawn and you! miss you more...lets go to your basement and scrapbook! ha!

  2. I'd love to scrap with you! Congrats to Megs- so proud of her. Can she come teach with me? I'd love to be her mentor( I am certified!) Miss you too friend....



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