Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time in a bottle

The James Taylor's song keeps running through my mind. My younger blogger readers may not have ever heard it. (Hi girls!)
Side note- I get a text (wonderful way to keep in touch with my kids- they respond to texts when they can't/won't/don't answer the phone)from my 23 year old that says "you blog I want to barf". Not taking offense, I figure she really doesn't understand the blogging world. About half an hour later I get a call from her and I can't understand a word she is saying. My first thoughts are that something horrible has happened. I can't understand her, she is crying/ not talking, gasping for air.I finally make out the words...your bloooooog!!!!! She is laughing hysterically. Now when she laughs, it is the most wonderful sound in the world. Until it moves into "the cackle", then everyone around her is infectiously affected and then no one can stop laughing.So we had a good cry/laugh at my expense. SO what else is new? Love you guys.

Any way, I started to write about how fast time flies. Seems like yesterday I was having babies, then raising babies, then sending them off to college babies.Days blur into weeks, weeks into months and suddenly I am a year older. I don't like this, but it does beat the alternative. My mom's life was cut short because of breast cancer at age 42, so I know every year after that has been a gift for me.

Oops, talking about time flying. My chauffeur is ready to take me to school, must run, more later. Have a blessed day!


  1. Seems just like yesterday you were holding me in Dad's front yard, I was in a diaper, you were in a bad pageboy haircut and a cute polka dot bikini. Flash forward and I am doing Kelly's hair "big like Autie Kay's", Flash forward and I am having babies. Yikes. Love you too much to say.

  2. That picture is in my bedroom and I just looked at it yesterday. Your mrmory is amazing. Bad haircut? Some things never change. Miss you more.



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