Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to Chrysalis I go

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...oh my, it looks like I am moving to college. Literally the whole half of the living room is piled with my junk for camp.
I am working on a Chrysalis "Flight" , a wonderful, amazing high school/college age retreat for young Christian girls. It starts Thursday night, runs through Sunday , consisting of 15 talks, some by clergy, some by adults, some by youth. It is incredible to see God at work in the transformation in some girls from the time they arrive Friday morning, until they are able to share about their experience on Sunday night. You can see the change in their faces, in the way they walk,hear it in their voices.
They also offer this for boys, as well as the adult version,"Walk to Emmaus". I had a dear friend come home from her walk ( love ya Bets!) and she was on a spiritual high for weeks, maybe months. O remember her commenting on how vivid the colors of God's creation are, pointing it out to everyone she saw! Look at the green grass, look at the trees! Unfortunately not everyone had had that same experience, so she may have gotten some unusual stares. But I loved the awakening that she brought back to everyday life. It was as if God had removed a filter and allowed her to see the world through His technicolor vision.What a joy to be around someone so entusiastic about the world God created.

As I look out my window this morning at the daffodils and budding trees, I pray that the girls' eyes will be opened to all God wants them to see this weekend. With everything our younger generation has to face , let this be a weekend to reconnect with God and see the world through His eyes.

Fly with Christ!


  1. ahhh...thanks for the memory! Yes Emmaus was a GREAT GOD experience and still a GREAT GOD MEMORY! can't wait to hear your "God story" from the weekend. wish we had it hear in FL. love you dawn. Praise God for Becki!!! yeah!

  2. I had several friends there this past weekend! What was your role?

    I do Good News Club at Lakeview. Great group of kids and staff!



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