Monday, April 6, 2009

Disturbing News

I heard a most disturbing item in the news this morning as I drove to work. There are studies now that show people actually do start looking like their dogs. I had heard that married couples start to look alike, (when does this start to happen, and why- do the foods we eat morf us into clones? Or is it watching the same TV programs? We never do other than 24 ,or is it by osmosis when we are sleeping?) Anyway, I could see that maybe married couples have the same mannerisms or expressions, but my DOG???

So I started to think about it. Actually, since I am prematurely gray,(at what point is it no longer considered premature, I ask?) my black lab's hair color does seem appealing as it is close to my original hair color. And my family has always teased me about my nose, but surely another dog's snout may be more apropos than a Labrador, although I do have an incredible sense of smell. I can tell two blocks away if my husband has been smoking a cigar.(Double yuck.) I have blue eyes, the dog's are brown. She has long floppy ears, I'd like to think if mine are considered long, at least they are not floppy. Not at this age anyway, but did you know that cartilage never stops growing? So your ears and your nose will continue to grow until you die. Sobering thought, that I may be wasting away on my deathbed with huge ears and an even bigger nose. God does shave a sense of humor.

Maybe I'll start looking more like my dog than I thought. I wish someone had told ne that before we got a lab.

So do you resemble your dog? Why did you choose your dog? My walks in the park will never be the same as I say hello to the dog owners I meet there.


  1. NO! I wish I was as small as my dachsund Ruthie...but we look nothing alike! oh well. She is still real cute and getting gray and I have threatened to use a sharpie on the gray hairs!
    how was your weekend???? Megan has one more week on internship!!! wow!!!!

  2. That is funny...My old boss used to say I looked like a dog I had..she was a springer spaniel.. My hair was reddish/brown and I had brown eyes...but the main reason I couldn't sit still either...too hyper..
    I enjoy your blog very much.
    God Bless



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