Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ice tea grace

Don't you just love it when you get something that you don't deserve? I was cleaning out my purse and found a coupon for a free drink at Border's Cafe. I was going there anyway to get my son a birthday gift, so I thought I would treat myself to a free tea. (Free is good when your husband is unemployed and there is no envelope for money for Dawn's addiction to sweet tea.)
So I hand the girl at the counter my coupon and ask if it will work for an iced tea (the card says, coffee, tea, or soft drink.) She reads it, gets a puzzled look on her face and says "This is really old." I sheepishly confess that I just recently cleaned out my wallet and found it. With no expiration date I might add. She pointed to the sign above her stating that this is now a Seattle's Best Cafe, not a Border's Cafe. What the heck? It's in the same place and last time I checked I was in Border's in Bloomington, not Seattle. So I calmly said, "Reeeally? So will the coupon work?" She nodded affirmatively and then asked what size I would like? So we went from no tea to whatever size I'd like? Double score. I love this girl. As I left the counter with the undeserved tea, I thanked God for the little blessing He had given me. And I thought about how undeserving I am of all He gives me on a daily basis. And I love that He daily gives me His grace. And unexpected free teas.

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  1. Grace is my favorite. Undeserved. I love it. Please do not forget that you sister and your son share the same birthday. I expect a call. Love you.



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