Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blue toothpaste

We all have it. Stuff. Mounds and mounds of stuff. Part of our "Total Money Makeover " is not buying things we don't need. So it is with "gazelle" intensity that I am scouring cupboards looking for everything I can find to use up before I have to buy new. It is AMAZING (and scary) to see what I have found.

Blue toothpaste. I'm down to no toothpaste (not even the little ones you get in a hotel for travel) , and I find a treasure in my daughters' bathroom. Blue toothpaste. Well, it comes out white, but turns blue to stick on your teeth to show you where the plaque is , so you can brush it off. Designed for kids to make brushing fun. No telling how much I paid the dentist for this little treasure. And obviously it wasn't enough to entice my young ones to use it, hence the full tube.
But no complaints, I may be able to go another month on this stuff. So look for me, with plaqueless teeth, and blue lips (the stuff stains!) At least I've saved $1 and gotten rid of some stuff. What "stuff" can you find to use up?

Now if I could only find some deodorant that doesn't smell like Old Spice.....

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