Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taxing Road Trip

To go or not to go today- that is the question. I wish that phrase would stop running through my head.

My husband is the master planner. He has files full of planned trips and vacations that he hopes to take someday. I must say we have been on some pretty amazing adventures. Today's day trip is to a sleepy town on the river to a restaurant with a beautiful view, followed by a trip through another small town loaded with antique shops (to window shop- remember we are on the Total Money Makeover).With a possible side trip thrown in to Hadley Pottery, one of my favorites. Sounds romantic, doesn't it?

My hesitation? TAXES. They are looming over my head, the monkey on my shoulder, the ever present feeling that I will not be able to get them done. I have already put in countless hours and they are still not done. I'm still waiting on the T4 from Canada (equivalent to our W2), so I guess I have that excuse. And Turbo Tax's prices go up on the 28th -oh wait that is today (what a get started and then are punished for not finishing two weeks before you have to file!)So now I have to decide also if I want to pay more by waiting to pay the taxes that I already owe on. I hate taxes.

Last year we went to a company that offered free tax prep for teachers. It took our guy forever to figure out the Canadian part ( they had never done that before). Everyone in the office knew us by name whenever we went in ( many, many, many times). I could imagine what they were bemoaning the day we walked through the door, and I felt so bad for everything they went through that I ended up baking them cookies. Who takes cookies to their tax man? That's how bad I felt. Needless to say, I did not see an offer this year for them to do free taxes for teachers. So sorry, they did an incredible job and we are very thankful that they stuck it through to the bitter end. If there was an offer this year, I'm sure there was a disclaimer for American taxes only. Who does your taxes- are you a do it yourselfer, or do you have a tax guru?

Back to my decision. As I work best under pressure, I am choosing to go with my husband. I'm thankful he likes to do these little adventures. That's what the empty nest is all about, right? Spending time together after you no longer have to be running kids to ball games , appointments , and play dates. Leisurely drives in the country, rediscovering what brought us together in the first place, rekindling those first days of our courtship when we wandered aimlessly through antique stores together, searching for treasures hidden away in the back room somewhere. The taxes can wait. I'm going to spend time with my treasure.

Please share what you do with your husband to rekindle the romance. I'd love to hear.


  1. hi...hmmm...what do we do to keep the hard at it. you can become so focused on other things that you really have to make it a priority. I send him emails (even if you are both at home) of encouraging verses or just "i love you". I tell him things that I think guys need to hear too...compliments and praises. Happy, keeping the house up, doing yard work or running errands for him...i know doesn't sound very romantic but for a guy it works! (sometimes). I try to wear pretty jammies to bed every night. i use to wear sweatshirts and i just wear Target silky jammies (they don't have to be sexy, just pretty). We have done many Dennis and Barbara Rainey "Weekends to remember" we consider them "oil changes" for our marriage. Oh devotionals are good...the raineys have a good one and so does the dobsons! we took turn reading the "one"(guys love that) page devotionals...whoever read it didn't have to answer the questions first! sneaky! enjoy your gift from God...your husband!

  2. I do need to do the jammie thing- great reminder! I'm much more comfy in flannels and socks- not so romantic....



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