Monday, March 23, 2009


I had journaled this (below) after just returning home from a wonderful family vacation last Christmas. I reread it because of the title and the fact that my neighbor and I had just been talking about re-entry back into everyday life. She is struggling with it- for the first time ever, she said. Her family had just spent a week in Las Vegas ( a working va-ca for her husband, so she was left to entertain her two active girls). I pointed out the fact that she really hadn't had a chance to relax, so she needed a vacation to recoup from the one she just took. Can anyone relate? My other neighbor had driven his family ( 3 boys) to Hilton Head, then Miami (FL), and straight through back to Indiana. He looked exhausted and said he had been sick the whole trip. After hearing their stories and reading about my re-entry, I'm thankful at least for today that I stayed home this spring break and didn't have to deal with it! It also reminded me that I need to spend more time listening to what God has to say to me.

December 30, 2008
Why is it I think of all the good things to write about when I am walking and not near a computer? My mind goes blank once I sit down. All the clever things I thought I’d remember are not there. (This is still true!!)
This morning as I was walking the dog lamenting the fact that just yesterday I was walking the beach, feet in the ocean 78+ degrees and now here I am back in re-entry in Bloomington in the cold. And the dog takes off- chasing three gorgeous beautiful deer all across the park. What a wonderful gift God gave me- reminding me that his beauty is everywhere and He cares no matter where I am. Thank you for that reminder.
Then Kit and I saw three deer in the midst of a busy neighborhood- where were they trying to get to?

I was also reminded of “the circle of life” on our nature expedition in Florida where we learned what animals eat what – and the incredible rich treasures that are a part of the aquatic sea life. If God created all the food for all the minutest of creatures, I know He will provide for me, and my family. Again it comes to trust- my word for this time around of unemployment. Fear keeps threatening on the threshold, but my prayer shield seems to keep it at bay if I am faithful in spending the needed time in God’s word.

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  1. you have inspired me to start "blogging" again. i have missed it. i just didn't think anyone read it! now i know i have one reader, who i have let down...not any more! miss you friend!



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