Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gold Friends

I now blog in my head. About everything. (Does anyone else do this??)And of course by the time I get to the computer it's gone..all gone. At least the process has made me start thinking about writing again.

Anyway, two days ago a dear friend stopped by out of the blue and we hadn't seen each other in maybe three years. How can she be called a dear friend? We picked up right where we had left off. We had traveled and sat through innumerable soccer games together when our girls were in high school, and had done a mother /daughter Bible study together. Spending that much time, when we had it, through a mutual activity for our kids, allowed us to grow a strong friendship, which allowed us to pick up where we left off.

What a comforting feeling. The friends you can do that with are treasures. I think back over the years and all of our coaching moves, and am thankful for the times that God gave me to develop those friendships. There have been times when I was too busy with my own family, or "stuff" to be able to spend the time.

The dog is calling, must run, but I thank you, Donna for the unexpected visit and the reminder that the old girl scout poem reminds me: Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Thank you my gold friend.


  1. Friends far, Friends near, Friends you see all the time, Friends you don't...but one thing for certain...God will keep us close. We will always be sisters in Christ..whether far or near....miss you Dawn. wish i could stop by and go to your basement and CROP a page or two!

  2. Miss you too my dear friend, in fact stay tuned for Friends Part 2 featuring you tomorrow!!Hugs and love to all.

  3. i am soo very glad i got to worship with you the last time i was there....being able to hold hands and pray together meant the world to me. the fact that you still are so "there" for me is such a blessing! I still have my closest friends there in Bloomington! Hollie was just down for a week here so i saw her for 2 days! schmits are coming this Friday, but more towards Orlando...but we will see them friday! You are always with me in my heart and in my prayers.

  4. Isn't it great to have friends like that. One's you don't see as often as you like but when you get together you still click and nothing has changed. Love your writings.

  5. Thanks, Kelly.Friends are an awesome gift from God.



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