Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is my son's 27th birthday, and my sister's 42nd. Yep- our firstborn was born on my sister's 15th birthday. She's closer to him in age than I am - scary thought! My nephew was born on my 27th birthday. Do any of your extended families have the same birthdates? I think that is such a special bond.

Hard to believe that 27 years ago I was in the hospital becoming a mom for the first time. I still have the notebook with every entry as to what time I nursed him, how long he napped, when I changed his diaper, and what color and how much his bowel movements were. I'm sure he'll want to share that with his future children.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite son (one and only) and sister. May you both be blessed this year by all that God has in store for you.

You are loved.


  1. I texted Michael this morning. funny, when i call him, he does not answer, he will text me back. What a great kid, I love him so much. I was just tell ing Janet about your very exhausted phone call to tell me about your "gift" to me. What a blessing. I do love his pointed little head. It's weird, now that he is taller than me, I remember hiding his Easter eggs and the chocolate melting everywhere. What state was that? Purdue I think. Love you and miss you tons.

  2. It's funny how detailed I was wth my first baby and the 2nd didn't have time to write anything down... Hope the birthdays are enjoyable for all.



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