Friday, March 20, 2009

Indy's best kept secret

We had to go to Indianapolis to get our car's scratches "buffed out" - per the dealer when we bought the car last May. Great guy- here it is 10 months later and he is still willing to do it. This is the newest car that we purchased, and I have yet to drive it for more than a day. Our daughter who lives in Indy had shoulder surgery in August, and 5 days later started student teaching . In physical education , no less. She convinced us that she could not lift her arm to turn the key, and the new car has a keyless remote. Pretty nifty, you just press a button and as long as the key is in the car, it starts. So we agreed that this car would be much easier for her to drive. Plus it was cheaper on gas, and she was driving all over the place to her schools. Not that it mattered to her, as we were paying the gas anyway. But I digress.

So we drive to Indy and have a few hours to spend while the car is getting the small scrapes , as well as the snow shovel marks buffed out of the hood. (She finally fessed up that she did indeed make those marks when she was scraping off the 2 feet of snow, a few months ago.) Wanting to continue sticking to our very modest spring break money, we decided to go to the free art museum and Lilly House. What a pleasant surprise! It was an amazing afternoon, in a beautiful setting, and I felt like I had been on an educational adventure. The Oldfield's home tour has a recorded guided tour, with an extra button for a simpler version of the story for kids, complete with sound effects. I highly recommend this as a free family activity. I'd wait until later in the spring or summer, as the gardens will be in full bloom. There's even a greenhouse where you can purchase plants for the would be gardener. Pack a picnic lunch and make it a day!

I'm always looking for free/inexpensive activities. Let me know your favorites.

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