Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There is a pair of cardinals building a nest right outside my classroom window. The window doesn't open, but it does look out into a beautiful courtyard that is brimming with colorful flowers at this time of year. Enter a mama cardinal dragging pieces of straw, grass, whatever to make her nest. Daddy was out there helping too. The bush it is being built in is in the corner of the building, quite hidden from the tables and steps where children go out to sit and read when the weather permits. I'm sure these birds thought this was the perfect hiding place, where no one would see them and their new offspring once the eggs hatch.
However, I have a perfect view , separated by a thin piece of glass that allows me into their inner sanctum. I can even hear them chirping.I see their comings and goings. I have a perfect window into their lives.
It reminds me somehow of my relationship with God sometimes. I feel like I can hide in the bushes, where I can't be seen, doing my own thing, living in my own world. Yet He is there , inches away on the other side of the pane of eternity, me not hiding at all, but being in full view with my inner sanctum exposed. I can fly away, come back, and still be seen in open space.

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