Saturday, May 30, 2009


As you can imagine by my not blogging, the past few weeks have been extremely crazy! The end of school- who's more excited, the kids, parents, or teachers? At the last bell in our school, a group of teachers went into the front foyer and jammed, twisted, rocked out to a ton of oldies! (we are approaching a median age of 50!!)Being the reserved person I am (haha), I clapped to about half a song and then hustled back to my room to get my reports done.

So part of our family is heading north for a few days. I 'm not sure I will get to blog or not, so I didn't want you all to give up hope that I was abandoning my posts.
Hopefully this summer , I plan on getting back into the daily routine of writing. I miss it.

Happy summer!

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  1. we miss you too! congrats on another end of school year! have a great time vacationing with family! hugs to you all. any scrapbooking plans? i need some! when we get back from our getaway...20 years! yeah and PRAISE GOD!



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