Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thought I'd take a day to recap some of the things I have blogged about. It will be quick as I have a meeting in ten minutes!
1. My friend with the "stroke". Apparently it was not. She is at home recouping wonderfully. Even is back to emailing. Praise God- truly a miracle.
2.Mommy cardinal is at her post. Haven't seen the eggs yet, but they must be there as she is spending a lot of bottom in the nest time.
3. Street Light #15. Still going off and waking me up. Have to call on that soon.
4. Still haven't done anything with the "roaches".
5. Can't remember what else. So what else is new?
Gotta run- Blessings on this rainy, rainy day. My husband is substitute teaching today- so he had to drop me off early ( at 6:45) so he could get to his job. Only to find out they had a two hour delay. In May?? Only in southern Indiana- flooded roads. So he can grab a cuppa joe and the paper and enjoy two extra hours. In his car in the parking lot. Wow.

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