Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I haven't blogged for a few days, hope I don't lose all my followers.I've been in a lot of "states" lately and I haven't felt like putting down much on paper. And the time thing got in the way too. Anyway, I write with a heavy heart this morning as my cardinal outside my classroom window has been gone since Monday. I was hoping to come in and see little heads peering up with open beaks, waiting to be fed, but ...nothing. No eggs, no birdies, no mom. The nest is empty. As it is in an enclosed courtyard, I can't imagine that an animal of prey would have gotten it. Kids don't normally have access to this part, as it is up on a raised bed in the corner, that surely their teacher would see them rummaging in the bushes.

So I wonder? Did mom just get overwhelmed and fly the coop? I did know of a mom that did that once to her three kids, never did understand that. As frustrated and exhausting as it is raising children at times, I cannot imagine abandoning them for selfish pleasures of my own. (Although at times I know I dreamed of it in my head- who hasn't, as a mom of multiple children? You now you have!)
Or did she build her nest and find out she was unable to lay eggs? The sorrow of a barren womb is another life tragedy, having seen couples go through it, though not experiencing it on a personal basis, I can only imagine the heartache. Is that why she left?

I guess I will never know the answer, just as I won't know the answers to many questions that I have , until I get to heaven. I know God is patient, he'll have to be as my list keeps getting longer each day.


  1. Obviously, you need to jump in your car and see your sister. Jump away, we are home this weekend. Escape to me and my m&ms.

  2. I'm actually headed to Kit's aunt's in lovely Bellaire, Ohio. I do miss you. When y'all coming to sleep in the marshmellow bed?

  3. We are definitely going to come some time this summer

  4. hi dawn...i am still around, too! wish i could be in your marshmallow bed! hope you are good. miss you. megs still looking for a job! thanks for the prayers. how is kelly and job search? and kristy? and Kit?
    miss you email your update.

  5. hey there...that is my comment above. I just wasn't signed in and couldn't figure out how to on your blog. I just updated my post. Megs is filling out apps still.
    hope you are out grilling and chillin' today!
    love you!!!



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