Monday, June 15, 2009

Clutter Busting

I love summer. Sleeping til I wake up with no alarm, sitting with a cup of my favorite tea ( Constant Comment), in a special mug ( today, one from my sister from Starbucks), and playing endless games of Uno with my neighbor ( she continually beats me!).I am enjoying each unscheduled minute because June 24, I start teaching summer school- and my vacation is over!!!

My two precious blond haired 6 year old neighbors greeted me as I came home the other day. I could tell that they wanted to ask me something- you know by the coy looks and hesitant body language, so I asked them what was up. "Could you please get the raft in your back yard?" As the one boy has a pool next door, I thought maybe it had come over the fence, so I asked, "What raft?" "Your raft in the yard," he answered somewhat impatiently. I told him I don't have a raft. He said, "Yes you do, the one that swings." The light bulb went on and I started laughing as I said,"You mean the hammock!" Their faces lit up as they ran around the house to find my husband to put the "raft" up.

So I am doing fun things- going to visit my sister for a day, watching movies with my family, doing my nails with my daughter,sitting at my neighbor's pool, and clutter busting. My husband would call it getting rid of stuff I don't need, but I think clutter busting sounds like you are doing a lot more sophisticated work! The book that inspired me is called Clutter Busting Letting Go of What is Holding You Back by Brooks Palmer. Amazing book. I read it in two days and love the concepts. It refers to every area of your life from stuff, to emails to relationships. An easy read, not biblical, but definitely worth your time. I have a difficult time letting go of things (to say the least!)yet the way he explains how and why makes it so much easier. If you have any trepidation about uncluttering your life, this book would definitely help.

So I am off to bust some more clutter this morning. What do you need to clear out of your life? God is working on a bunch in me right now. How about you?


  1. every time i read your blog...i feel like i am sitting with you. i wish i was. i miss you, friend. more than you can imagine..i know i am strange. but you are an amazing person.
    clutter...i am purging with the best of them and cleaning! spring cleaning with a boost! i am doing one room a day...figure it will keep me from eating one shelf a day! ha! i am in the bathroom and did drawers and the blinds..omgosh...what dust collects...and as you said what "dust" is collecting in me!??? lb dust. me and God clearing it all out. so anyway...i need to update my blog! yikes! love you dawno! kinda like dano from Hawaii 5-O...wierd i am!

  2. SOOO good to hear from you! I miss you too dear friend! How was your romantic get away? We need to talk...over tea, ems and scrapbooking clutter!! Megs gift should be on its way this week- I have been thinking about her a lot.
    Hopefully I am back in the routine again of blogging. We can cheer each other on- sometimes its just to hard to put things in words.....

  3. when are you coming to see me? Or are you going to see Missy? You must define these things. Love you and miss you. Good for you on the clutter busting.

  4. It's Missy this time (she's only 2 hours away and her 22 year old daughter left me a message on facebook saying she misses me! How can I resist that?)
    Your baby is too young to drive.

  5. I wish Brooks Palmer would come and help me with my garage! Do you own that book, or did you borrow it?

    This may be anti-clutter-busting for you, but would you have a place for a tall pre-lit indoor fig tree? If so, it would at least help me with my clutter problem . . . ;) -A



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