Monday, September 21, 2009

Numbers are in!

My friend blogged about numbers, so here is my story. Had my cholesterol checked- Since June I have lowered it 42 points!!!!! Triglicerides went from 143 to 38. Been bad about exercising, haven't taken the fish oil I was supposed to. Only thing I can figure is I have eliminated dairy from my diet, drinking almond milk and limiting eggs somewhat. Wow. Maybe I should write a how to lower your cholesterol book without meds...I am also off thyroid medication. Maybe that has something to do with it also. I am thankful whatever the case. What are your numbers?

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  1. Yeah...for you....proud of is hard when I/"we" get older...i am fighting some summer lbs and very, very sad. we do rice milk...and try very little meat (i do) but i am an emotional eater...pray. I exercise but my food is a mess. started journaling this week. hoping it helps! you might see me soon....service for Nicki is Monday. trying to figure out a flight now or later when she may need my help. ???? pray for wisdom and cheap flight. love you!



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