Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall and Football

Whoa! Where did September go? My favorite weather is here- 70 degrees, sunny and windy. I LOVE it! Football here we come. I am so excited for tomorrow- family coming and huge tailgating, fires in the pit in the backyard, hot cider and Chex mix. Doesn't get a whole lot better. Kelly's been baking , getting ready for Homecoming at her Alma Mater. ( and our company ,too-thanks!) House is fairly cleaned,( hard to keep up with a black lab and all her hair...) fixings for chili are in the fridge. It's amazing to think back and realize that I did this almost every weekend for a LONNNNNNG time when we were in major college football jobs. It's so fun to be back in the Big Ten and a part of it all again. Have a great weekend! Go Hoosiers- beat the Buckeyes ( with apologies to my Ohio roots and in-laws-OSU grads). Hey, we root for the team that pays the bills!!


  1. i am crying...i did not see you...i am sorry. i feel time was so busy...i did spend some special time with Bonnie baker....i am sorry...please forgive me....i will blog about my visit...but it was not complete because i did not see went too fast...i worshiped in the wrong arena....i did not see you....i am sorry....but God will open another door. i want to find a cheaper flight so i can come again....and i will sit with my dear friend. or when you are here in dec? can we have hot cocoa?? or tea? please forgive me.... i know you understand. i made bonnie a journal..."over the rainbow"...and mary.

  2. oh where, oh where has my little dawn gone...oh where oh were could she be?? miss you!



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