Monday, September 7, 2009


It's Labor Day and I am laboring. I've walked the dog (OK that's exercising, but for me laborsome and usually my daughter does it, but she is at the lake this weekend), cleaned out the lazy susan, vacuumed, wiped down cupboards, cleaned up dishes, and I have to go start a load of laundry. Why is it on the days off, I feel like I have to work to catch up to my daily life? At some point would like my house to always be presentable, and not have to spend my free time cleaning up. I guess that would be when the house would be on the market to sell, so I really don't want to have it look nice all the time that badly. I like my house, love my neighbors and location, and am very happy here in Bloomington America, as my husband says. I'm off to catch the manager's specials at Krogers, not nearly as plentiful since the college students have returned and invaded the city. What are you doing today? I hope you take some time to enjoy the respite from your daily routine. I hope to work on some crafts or sew a little this afternoon. And catch up on some phone calls. Blessings!

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  1. I worked on Labor day, had to make the frappacinos for the teenagers, BLECH. Hated it........



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