Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kristy!!

Who is that old lady? I had a long day........

With my youngest turning 21 today, our three children all all of legal age. Makes me feel old. Wasn't I just bringing her home from the hospital? Putting her on the school bus for Kindergarten? Sewing her costume for Halloween? Having a Splash theme birthday party for her 8th year? Throwing a surprise party for her Sweet 16? Homecoming and Prom dress shopping for the perfect dress and shoes to match? Putting her on a plane for a mission trip to Guatemala? Leaving her freshman year in another state, five hours away, sobbing all the way home? Ah, sweet, precious memories . Am I making enough now? I pray I am never too busy to cherish the moments with each of my children. Even in the daily grind.

I love the poems based on "If I had to live my life over again", what you would do more of and what you would do less of? Really makes you think about what is and is not important. I have never regretted the times I have stayed up too late talking to one of my kids, or being awakened at any hour of the night for some need. I am ever so thankful that I have been the one to have been called. Very thankful and blessed.

I could go on about what an amazing young woman my now 21 year old daughter is, but those of you who know her, already know that. She is truly an amazing, special gift from God. Happy Birthday, sweet Princess. You are loved.

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  1. Dawn please pass on to Kristy..."happy birthday Kristy. Remember reading the "smelly" book to our NOW 17 year old Senior in High School daughter--molly while babysitting her. she loved you! she thought you were the coolest babysitter! cuz you read to her! so may you always stay "cool in Christ" and may He bless you continually as you grow closer to Him. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!.
    thank dawn. glad you are feeling better. was worried. missed you! love you! i know STILL NO pics on my blog! soon!!! as my girls have time to help their mom with it!!!



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