Thursday, September 10, 2009


Good news and bad news. Good news is I didn't have the root canal that I thought I was going to when I went to the oral surgeon yesterday. Bad news is that another tooth needs an apioectomy. That is where you already had a root canal and for some reason or other, it didn't work, so now you have to have surgery where your gum is cut and they go into the root from the gum. Ugly picture. Because otherwise, they would have to drill through the crown ( have had that also) and risk cracking the crown which would cost you another $800. On top of the $846 for the root canal. Haven't heard how much the apio is (have had two of those previously also). So the dentist tells me that people usually have this done on a Thursday afternoon, take off Friday, and have the weekend to recover. Not my idea of fun , and I have a wedding to attend out of town on Saturday, so I declined. ARRGGGHHH. I had braces for five years ( it keeps getting longer..) , brush my teeth , have never missed a 6 month check up and I still have major tooth issues. I don't get it. I could buy my daughter a car for the amount of money I've put into my mouth. And they thought of actually choosing to have my mouth cut and stitched is not particularly appealing to me, especially to give up a whole weekend recuperating. I guess I shouldn't complain, as a dear friend of mine just had major surgery and she can't even drive for a few weeks. So I'll make my appointment, grab my ice bags, Tylenol, and a good book, and head off to the dentist on my next free weekend.

What fun things do you have to look forward to?

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  1. will be praying for you today. hope it goes well. sorry about the toothache...blah!
    love you and hugs from afar!



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