Monday, September 21, 2009

Storybook Wedding

That was the phrase that was repeated numerous times this past weekend at my niece's wedding. It was amazing! My sister is wedding planner of the century. Although she said she is done. Was awesome, but now that it's over, it's done. When I have time, I will chronicle our experience from arriving at the hotel to leaving Sunday morning and everything that happened in between. I am still digesting it all. What an incredible wedding. The best part was the absolute, tender love that the bride and groom exuded for each other. I told my girls on the way home that they had to wait to find a man that looks at them the way Josh looked at Carly all weekend, the mountaintop being his expression and tears in his eyes, taking deep Lamaze breaths as she walked down the aisle. The priest even make them stop and take deep breaths prior to starting the service! It's a cliche, but you could definitely feel the love radiating! I will continue to pray that kind of love for each of my children. And start saving my pennies, make that quarters.....

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