Monday, August 3, 2009


Green thumb I am not. I love to look at flowers, eat veggies and herbs from the garden, but I do not like to get dirt under my nails. Not that I am prissy or anything, I just can't stand the feel/look of dirt under my nails.

That being said, I am very thankful that my husband does like to garden. So he takes care of the pretty flowers I buy and tell him where to plant. What a team. This year we bought one tomato plant. Amazing what a dollar plant will grow into. This thing is monstrous. It has a cage and has had to be staked twice. So far we have only gotten two tomatoes, but are they tasty! We also have one green pepper plant, and one squash, neither of which has born any fruit yet. Perhaps they are late bloomers?

My dear friend has a wonderful garden that her husband planted and she is very generous in sharing her bounty. This garden has its own zip code. It also has a resident rabbit and woodchuck. I visited the plot the other day, being forewarned to look out for the critters that took up residence. Thankfully, we didn't see anything other than the newly dug up pile of dirt that alerted us to his presence.

So how does your garden grow? Do you like to get your hands muddy? What treasures have you sown lately?


  1. I am dying to plant a garden at our new house when we get it. I do not know why, but I feel the need to grow something. Probably from growing up in Arizona. Scott assures me that cleaning out the garden in the fall will cure me, but I don't think so. I should be interesting, don't you think?

  2. this is not about gardening...but do you have any recommendations for megs? i forgot what you told me. we go friday to set up her room. we had her Prayer Parting Party today. not many showed up, but i figure it was the ones God chose. and we could spend a ton of time with them. we had "bus" cookies Pillsbury makes them in the cookie section! cute! love and miss you! made megan a blessing one yet.



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