Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blessing Ring Part 2

Cards are added for people to write blessings on.
Blessing Ring

I got this great idea from my friend in sunny Florida- thanks Bets! I've yet to make one for me or for a gift, but I made the top of this one for my friend for her parent's 50th wedding anmniversary. She added the framed explanation which makes a nice touch! I hope to make some for birthdays, showers, etc. Possibilities are endless!


  1. hey there...i am so PROUD of looks sooo cool and you did a great job! I will post mine (promise and also my journals i am making!). where did you get the ring? and the hook you used is very cool. very different from mine...but soo cool and groovy. i want to steal it from you. where did you buy them????? loved. the paper you used did you do that? and what was it and how did you get the cool shapes? so many questions! sorry i am terrible about putting pics on my blog...coming later today! if i can get molly to help.
    love you! bets.

  2. molly and i did not make you will have to wait for pics. i still don't have my iPod downloaded on my computer! geez!
    love you though! we got our IU tickets. now we need to sell them!

  3. I got the last heart ring at....have no recollection. I think Hobby Lobby, maybe JoAnn Fabrics. The hook I found in the junk drawer at home (oops, my secret is out!) Jennie cut the paper shapes. Where and how much are your tickets? We only get 2 and we have had to get others for some games ( ohio state) I will TRY TO CALL THIS WEEKEND....



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