Monday, August 17, 2009

Venus I love you!

A while ago my sister blogged about teaching her 6th grade daughter to shave her legs. A rite of passage. Horrible to start, as you will have to do it for the rest of your life. ( Or until you can no longer reach and someone else has to do it for you, or you get to the state of not caring how long it gets anymore). Anyway, I was lamenting the fact that I have been doing this unpopular chore for over four decades, when I discovered a new razor. An amazing razor. A razor that explains why my two twenty something daughters shave everyday and it seems like no big deal. They must be using this razor. The kind I usually use are the ones you get 85 in a package for $1. Double blade, if I am feeling "flush" , as my Grama used to say, I 'd spring for an extra dollar and buy the ones with the "triple " blade. OOOOOooooo.

But lo and behold VENUS Embrace!!!!!! This awesome puppy has five blades with a swivel head, and a strip of moisturing soap. Fireworks!!! Ta Da!! It is the most amazing shave EVER!!! My legs have never felt so smooth and I didn't have to put little pieces of toilet paper on the usual cuts around my knees and ankles because there weren't any. Small miracles.

Now I have no idea what these little suckers cost, but I am willing to give up a few manager's specials to purchase this brand again.

What's your story? I still have scars from battles with Bics. (no offense Bic Company- I used you for years). What is your fun beauty secret?


  1. i don't have any fun beauty secrets but i am going to steal yours and do the "calgon take me away" thing with the razor. sounds fun! sounds expensive...i too am a cheap shaver girl...not my girls though.
    I have learned to laugh as i have to pluck my eyebrows with a magnifying mirror and sometimes with my readers on! ha!
    texting with readers on is not cool, i think! but i am a texter girl with readers on, baby!
    love you, miss you, wish you were here. crafting has come to be my therapy. making journals my thing! taking pictures getting molly to post it for me! see you

  2. I haven't tried that one, but the one thing I am willing to spend money on is my razor. A mom friend introduced me to the Schick Intuition. It has moisturizer all around the blades so you don't have to take the time to lather up. Love it! It's a mom-must! (P.S. It usually has coupons for refills inside the box!) -A

  3. AHHHHH!!!My sweet Amy ,anonymous. Thank you , thank you for your precious gift of an Intuition razor!!! You have blessed my socks off ( and I can now go sockless and wear shorts/capris again!) Love you tons!



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