Thursday, August 20, 2009


My daughter ( who played Division I softball in college) is playing on a slow pitch rec league as a substitute. Her sister and I went tonight to watch and support her team. Gorgeous night, sweatshirt weather- no bugs, ideal for sitting back and enjoying a friendly game of softball.
Until one player took out another player at first base. I mean walloped her! The first baseman never saw it coming. I happened to see her out of the corner of my eye as she was feet up in the air, suspended and coming down HARD on her back. Then the tempers started flaring. Words were thrown ( thankfully no punches, although there were threats of what was going to happen in the parking lot after the game.) Which the umpire promptly told the other team if ANYTHING happened, their team would be ejected from the league and the police would be called.
THIS IS A SOFTBALL GAME!!! Such drama I have never seen. At least not from grown ( supposedly ) women.
So what gets your juices flowing? My youngest ( who doesn't have a competitive cell in her body) was extremely amused by the whole scenario. She had witnessed the whole scene as it unfolded, whereas I just caught the tail end of the first baseman's tail being upended. My daughter who was playing ( first base), was concerned that they would try to retaliate and take HER out in the next inning!
Thankfully, the game ended peacefully, we lost, and we all made it safely to our cars. Can't wait to go to the double header tomorrow night!

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