Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I've been anxiously waiting to remove the "almost" from the top of my blog info. As of midnight tonight, my dear sweet "Norman", known to the world as Kit, and I will be married 30 years. Amazing. Where has the time gone? It seems we were just dating back in the 70's. As we parted to go to our respective hometowns after college graduation, I distinctly remember him saying, "I'll give you a ring." His grandmother (who adored me), said, "When??", eagerly anticipating the engagement rock that was to be put on my finger. However, I knew it just meant a phone call, and so it was that we dated long distance for the next three years, until he finally "gave me a ring", ironically, using the diamond that had been in his grandmother's engagement ring. I lovingly wear that ring today and am thankful to have such cherished memories.
I don't have time right now to get all romantic and mushy, as I have to run to my daughter's softball game, but I do want to say Happy Anniversary Hop ,I pray for at least 30 more, and I love you more!


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  2. happy anniversary!!!! brian and i just did 20. we start our mornings praying everyday and notice when we don't. we always pray to have God protect our marriage. so important. I miss you so much when i comment on your blog. I sooo much want to come by and hang out with you or worship with you or pray with you! okay. enough! sorry.
    read my blog soon. i am doing a neat "crafty" idea that you would love..well i think. hugs to the fam. for me! rainy day in fla. but blessed to have it!



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