Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's pirate speak for frustration. I can't believe that a week has slipped by without me blogging. I compose in my head all the time, yet my days have been crazy with Dr. appts., getting ready for summer school, enjoying my girls (playing Mad Gab- awesome , hysterical game), and clutter busting. All successful I might add. But I am hustling off already to the "First day of training" for our not summer school, summer school program- I'm a participant today, my turn to train comes Thurs. and Friday. I'm very excited and honored that God has placed me in this position. Fulfilling a desire I have had a long time. Thanks!
So off I run more later...catch you later...have an incredible day!

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  1. Yeah, yeah you are blogging... check in and love to hear from you. I know i HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK or give a hard time...cuz i have some HUGE "gaps" in my blog entries! but everytime i read you i wish i was around the corner. How are you feeling? miss you. just found a fun cool craft that is a blessing to give...called a "blessing ring". very cool idea! love,love it!
    love you! miss you friend. so glad we keep in touch! what a blessing!



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