Friday, June 26, 2009

Fireworks in June

Ohhh. I am speechless. I know you find that hard to believe, but last night (this morning) I was. We had a terrible thunderstorm- even our dog was barking at the thunder that was shaking our house. But the rain passed (torrential downpour I might add!-of course-my husband put down weed killer on the lawn and that is a sure sign it will rain as it is supposed to stay dry for 24 hours), the stars came out and there were snow white puffy clouds on the horizon above my neighbors' houses. And the show began.
It was an electrical symphony of lightening bolts. I have never seen anything like it. If it hadn't been three in the morning, I may have had the sense to get out my camera. But I was mesmerized and couldn't even pull myself away to get my husband up to view this spectacular phenomenon. WOW. I could picture God looking down from above, conducting and orchestrated this heavenly concert. I hope the view was the same from the top for all our beloved ones who have seen the throne of our Lord.

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  1. we had one too on tues night and last night. the one tues. it was right over our bright. we moved out of our brass bed for awhile...not sure the storm could hurt us...but we have so many windows i am NOT going there. it was amazing. but so loud. it sounded like an angry storm. you must have had the "pretty" storm. we are having thunder again. NO complaints as we need the rain.
    have a great weekend! love you!



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