Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game Day- Bucket Game

It's 7:30 a.m. and already the sentries at at their posts. One lone tailgate is going on in the parking lot. Barricades are up to eventually corral the masses into their appropriate parking spot. Townies not gong to the game must remember which way to go or NOT to go on game day. One wrong turn and you could be miles out of your way to your destination.

Kickoff is eight hours away, yet the worker bees are buzzing around getting things prepared. Golf carts meander through the parking lots. Tents are being set up. Ah , the excitement of Big Ten Football at its best. The arch rivals IU and Purdue will play this afternoon . The sun is a huge golden ball in the sky, promising awesome football weather this afternoon.

Yesterday at school, we had a breakfast tailgate wearing our team's colors, or paraphernalia. I wore a new "Take the Bucket" t-shirt and took an official IU jersey for a colleague to wear. What fun. I do have to say, I wore my black and gold Keens ON MY FEET to represent my alma mater in a small, insignificant way. Other than that it is IU all the way.

We have nine people coming for the game- more on that later. Sloppy joes are made, cheesy potatoes will be soon. Nothing better than a fire at home after the game and some yummy food. Other than a win. Go Hoosiers- update at 11.

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