Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!!!

My sister had recommended a book on fasting that I read recently. Two co-workers and I decided to try it one lunch a week and focus the time on prayer for our families and school. We chose Wednesdays as that is the middle of the week. About 10:30 that morning, I got a text from my daughter saying she had been hired as a teacher's aide! We had been praying for a position that would provide benefits as she is nearing the age when she will no longer be on our health insurance. Praise!

We have taken a family trip to Florida the last five Christmases. We no longer buy presents, we make a memory. Funds are very tight this year as my husband had been unemployed for eight months, but we still wanted to make it happen. We decided to drive, saving lots on airlines, parking, rental car, etc., but we still have to pay for lodging. When my husband made the reservations, they offered to waive the 25% Christmas week additional fee! He didn't even ask! Praise!

I had a conversation with another colleague who said that whenever she had made decisions stepping out in faith not knowing where the money would come from, she always received an unexpected check or money to help cover the costs. I told her I would claim that also, thinking I don't know of any unexpected money that could come our way, but I would trust it would happen. I then went home and opened the mail and WOW! There was a letter saying I had received a one hour tuition credit for a grad class that I am taking- $335 worth!! Praise!

Later that evening I received and unexpected phone call from a friend of ours who owns a sheep/turkey farm. He had asked if I bought my turkey yet for Thanksgiving. I hadn't. He said he had one ready and waiting for me at the farm if I could come pick it up on Sunday. (These are amazing home grown $3.89 a pound turkeys that melt in your mouth). PRAISE!!!

Some people may call these coincidences. I call them God-incidences. His hand was all over each of those blessings and I don't think it was chance that had them all happen the same day.
Now I don't believe that every time I choose to fast that miraculous things will happen. But I do think that God wanted me to know that he was hearing us and appreciated our efforts at spending time with him in lieu of eating lunch.

How has God blessed you lately?

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  1. You are so right it is so TOTALLY GOD!!! I have that book but have not read it. Molly read it. I would recommend Francis Chan's books "Crazy Love" and "Resilent God" molly's read the first one 5 times and our church is going to read it together in Jan.
    But i sent out an email about a condo for you(cheap) for you all and the dates i am still looking and waiting. will let you know. God is loooking!!!!
    CONGRATS TO KELLY!!!! i know how super cool that is and how COOOL BENEFITS are for our grown children!!!! YEAH< hugs to kelly!!!!
    Enjoy your turkey! cool! yum!
    Please pray for weaknesses! struggling...but know you will pray. thanks!
    love you dawn! from sunny in shorts--still, florida friend, betsy!



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