Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy State

Just read the headlines on that Indiana is not a happy state. They rank the top 15, I have no idea how unhappy a state we were. However, where my son lives, Utah, is the number one happy state. Figures. If I could wake up to mountains everyday, a town that goes to bed at 9 p.m., and beautiful 70 degree weather for a lot of the year, I'd be in a happy state also. I'm glad he gets to enjoy that.
My Cleveland brother texted me yesterday. "Keep the snow, we don't want it." Cleveland generally gets our southern Indiana weather a day later. (But we don't get the lake effect.)
I told him we had rain and high winds, but no snow. Yet. He replies, "Why do we live here?".
I have asked myself that countless times. One, jobs. Two, comfort level of not having to move every couple of years. I absolutely loved living in Colorado, and would love to be in that climate again, but reality is 4/5 of my family are right here in Bloomington. And I love my neighbors, workmates, church, and the town in general. It is hard enough being so far from our eldest, and I wouldn't want to be that far while we still have one here in college. Once the chicks are all hatched and settled in their own life, (and we have Obama insurance or other portable coverage), we can consider moving to where we really like to live.
Until then, we will continue to live in a not happy state according to comcast. But in our minds we are in the perfect state for us at this time in our journey.
You can be in a happy state and be miserable, proably as easily as living in a sad state and being happy. Make sense?
Share what state you living in.


  1. when are you here? or are you here? if you need a church service for Christmas eve we would love for you to worship with us. 4:00 will be the service we will go to...or there is a 5:30..candlelight for both and communion too. hope you are well.
    it is true you make "happy" by bringing light of Christ to those around you. Be His hands and feet everywhere you go. Share it by doing service to others. I will be around. take care friend! love you and merry CHRISTmas!

  2. We are on the island! We will probably go to a service here, but thanks for the invite. I am in heaven having all my chicks in one place! Lots of laughs...Megan home yet? Finally a sunny day today.Days are flying by! Love and Merry CHRISTmas to are welcome to come hang at the beach!



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