Sunday, December 6, 2009

December already?

I have a little calendar on the side of my computer for reference. The other day ( or so it seemed, I leaned over to look at a date and low and behold it was on August. So I tore off the next three months and had them sitting on my desk to remind me how time flies. Not that I need to be reminded. So yesterday, I went to check it again and it was still on November. How could I miss 4 months of time just flying by? I don't like this.I try to savor each moment, yet the moments are fleeting. So I shall rip off one more page of 4 weeks, 30 days, 720 hours, 43,200 minutes, (I don't want to think about the seconds) and look forward to a month filled with the love of Christ, family and friends. I am so excited that we have been able to make plans to go to our beloved vacation place for Christmas and have our whole family together. We haven't seen my son and his soon to be fiance since last Christmas. What are your plans? How will you celebrate the greatest gift we have all been given? One thing I plan on doing is moving my calendar.

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  1. YEAH! but i do understand it will be FAMILY time! I also know that time FLYS when you are close to loved ones and YOU have a billion things to do and take FAMILY time! so if our paths cross for a quick hug and/or eyes connect to say "Friends are friends...forever" then God will open up that special moment. I will understand either way...the fact we are in the same state...will bless me this Christmas time! Merry CHRISTmas my dear friend, merry CHRISTmas! thanks for the offer on my "non-wintery" blog! i am off to buy more lights on sale at michaels! it is cold here! but still in shorts and sweatshirt! love you!!



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