Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last lazy days of summer....

I remember the days of paper maps and garage sale-ing. I had all the places circled, numbered, and my map highlighted in the most efficient route. Gone are those days. I have taken garage sale-ing to a new level. For the first time today, I used my GPS( a 6 am day after Thanksgiving special with a $20 gift card thrown in) to find my way to the garage sales of choice. Very effective. If I could figure out how to program more than one at a time, it might be even better! So I whipped around town listening to the slightly British accented voice telling me " in 300 yahhhds, tarn riiaahhht." (Who records these voices, anyway?)

I was able to find a few "smokin deals" ( as my sister says!). Brand new, in the box, waiting to be put together 12 compartment filing/storage container for our desk. Or maybe my scrapbooking paraphanelia. I also found a former bead store owner selling her wares, so I got my daughter some square beads which she loves. As the customer before me was an antique dealer, shelling out literally hundreds of dollars, my purchase of one little tube of beads got me the sarcastic remark of "Big purchase, huh?" (Note to garage salees- be nice to your petty purchasers. Those few dollars also add up at the end of the day.)

Anyway, I have a few days left to try to organize my life before school starts. I always wonder where the time flies to. If I could only program my GPS to the beginning of summer.....

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